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Vehicle Tracking

Over a million vehicles around the world rely on our award-winning Trakm8 technology.

We have a system to suit every fleet industry sector and size. Whether you are a multi-national organisation or just have just a single vehicle, we have a solution to fit.

Our own hardware products, designed and manufactured in our UK factory, range from self-install plug and play units to fully integrated systems and our new Roadhawk 600 4G camera provides a fully integrated camera and tracking solution so you don’t have the expense of two separate pieces of hardware. Learn more about this revolutionary camera here.

Our proven solutions combine to help you manage your fleet to maximise utilisation and productivity, ensure your vehicles are driven safely and efficiently, reduce fuel usage, accidents and fleet running costs whilst minimising risk.

Everything works together seamlessly so, if you also need cameras, optimisation or vehicle diagnostics we can provide a fully integrated solution where everything works together, perfectly.

Talk to us today and join the thousands of delighted Trakm8 users.

To find out how your business can benefit from our vehicle tracking solutions today. Contact us by completing the form below or calling us on +44 (0) 330 311 5157.

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Find out how your business can benefit from our vehicle tracking solutions today: