The way in which we generate, store, access and use energy is changing. Trakm8 is at the forefront of creating solutions to these new challenges.



We are acknowledged leaders in solutions for smart mobility.

Disruptive technologies such as car clubs and ride sharing are challenging the old model of vehicle ownership. Increasingly, we see mobility as a service we order, rather than a product we own.

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Fleets and Logistics

Our revolutionary route optimisation and scheduling algorithms simplify transportation planning and amplify fleet efficiency. By reducing fleet mileage and increasing vehicle utilisation, we have been proven to cut operational costs by up to 20%. Savings generated are considerably higher than the cost of our software, ensuring that you benefit from a rapid return on investment.

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Scenario Planning

Our modelling and scenario planning experts are on hand to offer advice that will enable your business to make strategic decisions and long-term plans. Thanks to our in-house expertise in algorithm development, we can adapt an existing algorithm to suit your needs, or create a completely bespoke scenario planning solution for your business.

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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are making huge inroads into the fleet industry. We are experts in electrification planning, as well as the optimisation of plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles. By taking into account your fleet's existing data, we are able to validate how you could make the switch and get the most out of ultra-low emission vehicles.

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